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Art Portfolio

I've been drawing and painting ever since I have the use of memory. During 2021, I decided to become an "artist". This means I started to take my craft more seriously. I look forward to creating more art through out the rest of my life. My goal is to expand my work to other forms of art- like installation and performance art. Below are some samples of my work; some of it is figurative, and some others are a little more abstract. I love working with patterns and colours, and don't shy away from experimenting with new mediums and materials.  
Jannyl_VMolina_ copy_edited.jpg

 Queen West Art Crawl 2021

Acid Cotton Candy Series

This collection of fourteen mixed media paintings was made to show during the Queen West Art Crawl, in the summer of 2021. 

The paintings are a form of embodied of meditation for the purposes of reflection and self healing. Each piece took anywhere from four to six hours of work. Art is one of the ways I integrate therapeutic psychedelic experiences and how I actively make sense of life. During the time spent painting and being creative, nuggets of truth came to me as phrases and imagery. These bits of wisdom kept me going through the 2nd pandemic year. The phrases made their way to the descriptions of the paintings and in the designs of the tees. 

The name of the collection comes from the colours and the curvy outlines; as each piece ends up looking like a cloud of psychedelic cotton candy. 

be in this moment - it's ok to evolve and grow- befriend your shadow-  you are not your thoughts- don't believe every thought- create your own reality- you are not your body- all you have is now- love every part of you- love yourself more- connect to this moment- connect with yourself- - you are all you need -you are complete-


Below are some photos of my mural for the Duke Heights BIA 2021

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