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For Social Media 

I am passionate about bettering mental healthcare access, learning about psychology and how people overcome trauma. Volunteering at the Canadian Psychedelic Association has been an honor. I am able to use my design skills for a cause that I truly believe in. Please follow their work on social media to learn more about psychedelic assisted therapy access in Canada. I do not own any of the logos,  or brand and all the content was done in conjunction with the Social Media Design Team at the Canadian Psychedelic Association.

Skills Honed 

Graphic Design
Use of Canva
Content Design
7DEC21_Psychedelic Law In Canada Part II_IG_JVM (1).png
7DEC2021_Psychedelics and Spirituality Studies_IG_JVM.png
7DEC21_Emotional Breakthrough and Psychedelics_IG_JVM (1).png
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